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Are your photos unorganized? Have you been putting off the dreaded Family Yearbook? This is the course for you! Join me on a 4 step challenge to organize your pictures and catch up on all of your Family Yearbooks! My self-guided video tutorials will guide you through the process with tips on ways to speed up the process and back-up all your family memories. 


Family Yearbook

What is a Remote Photo Organization?

I have gotten tons of questions about what a Remote Photo Organization session is precisely, so here are your questions answered all in one place! I realize it can be extremely uncomfortable to hand over access to your computer, so hopefully, this will ease your mind!

Also, if you get to the end and still have questions, please book a consult HERE so that we can meet in person! I would love to chat with you and answer any additional questions you have!

What is a Remote Organization Session?

By allowing me remote access, I can personally organize and back-up all your family memories on your computer through a series of remote meetings with minimal help from you. When you book a session, I will send you a link to join me in a video meeting using a screen sharing service. We will discuss where you have your images saved and how to best plan for your organization session. Plan to meet with me for three video meetings, here is what I will do in each meeting

Meeting One: I will get to know your photo situation, start backing up phone photos, and discuss technology limitations (if any). This meeting is a “get to know you” meeting, and depending on your situation may require some homework to prepare for Meeting Two. You will need to commit 1 hour to this meeting.

Meeting Two: I will centralize all of your photos into one place and begin organizing your photos into Year/Month folders. You will only need to participate in the first 15 minutes of the session, and then I will take over from there.

Meeting Three: I will finalize the organization, set-up your back-up system, and show you how to use the new system. Should you wish, I will also install Adobe Bridge and show you how to use it. You will need to commit one hour of your time for this meeting.

What cloud service will you use?

I recommend using Amazon Photos as your back-up service, which I will suggest for your session. It does require an Amazon Prime membership. If you already have a membership, there will be no additional cost to you. If you have a cloud service that you prefer, we can discuss the options/limitations of the service, and if it works better for your situation, I will work with you

Will you see all of my images?

I work from thumbnail size images and am mostly concerned with the name/date of the picture. I rarely, if ever, know what the image is and frankly do not care. My goal is to organize them, not judge your collection.

What is the cost and how do I book?

A Remote Organization Session is $600. The total is due at booking.

How do I book a session?

You can book a FREE CONSULT HERE, or if you are ready to get organized, you can book Meeting One at the link below!

We are the generation of lost images. We are taking more images than ever, but are printing less than ever. Let’s stop the cycle. 

All the reasons you have not tackled organizing your photos and creating beautiful Family Heirlooms is not important. Whether it’s overwhelm, lack of knowledge, or lack of motivation, I can help you quickly organize your images and catch up on years of photos.

Let me help you with a Remote Photo Organization session to clarify where to start, which cloud service to use, how to quickly organize your photos, and how I make my photo heirlooms a breeze.

If you would rather learn on your own, check out the Family Yearbook Bootcamp! My self-guided video tutorials will guide you through the steps with tips on ways to speed up the process and back-up all your family memories. 

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