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The Best iPhone Camera Tricks

Have you ever changed your iPhone camera settings? My guess is no. Most of us get our phones out of a brand new iPhone box, open the camera app, and start taking pictures of our family. The truth is, there are a few settings that need to be tweaked. Over the years, there are several features that I have tweaked to fit my needs. Here are my best iPhone camera tricks:  

Basic iPhone Settings

Your iPhone comes with basic settings, but there are a few items I like to tweak. You can find your settings under settings > camera. 

First, I like to turn on “Grid” to help me while I’m shooting with composition. The rule of thirds still applies with your iPhone!   

Next, I set my camera to record videos in “1080p at 30 fps” and Slow-mo at “1080p at 120 fps”. I will get into this more in a later post, but for now, know that these are the best settings for most of us.   

Finally, the last setting I like to change is under “Formats.” I change my settings to “Most Compatible” so that my images shoot in JPG and not HEIF/HEVC. The reason I do this is because not all programs and photos services are compatible with HEIF/HEVC files. Doing this will save you time later and prevent you from needing to convert to JPG.

Exposure & Focus

The iPhone has impressive autofocus, but there are times that it does fail. Most of us know that if you tap on your screen while taking a photo that it will focus on that point (if you didn’t know that, you do now). The other thing that is important to know is when you tap to focus; it is also what sets your exposure (how light or dark your image is). I like to use this feature when an image is backlit. My iPhone may be in perfect focus, but dark on my subject. Tap on your subject to improve exposure.  

For example: if your child is standing in front of a window, tap on their face to set the exposure & focus.    

It is also possible to lock your exposure & focus by holding your finger down on the screen until the square gets larger, and a yellow box at the top of your phone says “AE/AF LOCK.” This feature is useful if you plan to take several images in the same spot. You can unlock it by taping another place on your screen. 

Use Burst Mode

In your camera settings, turn on “Smart HDR.” This will let you shoot in burst mode and take several images at once. It allows you to capture several photos in a very short time and is perfect for sporting events or moving toddlers. 

Use the Volume Button for Capture

Did you know that you can trigger the shutter of your camera by using the volume button on your phone? I like using this because it works more like a traditional camera and helps keep the camera steady while shooting.

That’s it! It is not complicated, but will help improve your iPhone photography! These are my best iPhone camera tricks! The last note I have to add it to always, always clean your lens. You will be amazed at how this small thing improves your photos.  If you liked this, here is another resources you might like:

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