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Are your photos unorganized? Have you been putting off the dreaded Family Yearbook? This is the course for you! Join me on a 4 step challenge to organize your pictures and catch up on all of your Family Yearbooks! My self-guided video tutorials will guide you through the process with tips on ways to speed up the process and back-up all your family memories. 


Family Yearbook

How to Organize Phone Photos

It is no secret that we all get a little snap happy when we take photos on our phones. The truth is that we don’t need to keep all of the images that we make. To help you feel less overwhelmed when it comes time to organize all of your photos, I have put together a few tips to reduce your image overload. Here is how to organize your phone photos:

Delete Photos that are dark, blurry, and bad images.

Since this is something you can do anywhere, I would recommend doing this step before opening your cloud service to back-up photos. I recommend using Amazon Photos for backing up your pictures, and so when I have spare time (binge-watching my favorite shows), I scroll through my camera roll and get rid of all the images I don’t care to keep. I’m usually a little conservative when I permanently delete pictures because you can never get them back! This step will cut down on tons of time when you go to organize/back-up your images.

Favorite images you want to edit.

To save more of my precious time, I like to edit my phone images on my phone, so while I am going through them deleting images, I also favorite the ones I want to edit. (Stay tuned next week for what I use to edit them) Having a list of my favorite phone images will save tons of time when you go to edit them on your phone!

Delete and Favorite as you go in Batches.

I work in batches to delete and favorite as I go. So once I have narrowed an event or batch, I use the favorites feature on my phone to quickly put all of my favorites into one folder. Doing them in batches allows me to stop and start with each event so that I know right where I left off.

Edit your Favorites

The last step to organizing my images is to edit them on my phone, so they are ready to go when I want to print them! Sometimes I even order prints right from my phone to update frames I have around the house. My favorite app to use is lightroom because it is the same program I use to edit client photos. It is free for the mobile version and has tons of fantastic features. Next week check back for a step-by-step on how to use it.

Well, that how to organize phone photos! It is super easy to do and will save tons of time when you are ready to organize them in your cloud service. Plus, you can complete these steps wherever you are making it convenient! What are you waiting for? Go, get started!

Here is some more resources for after you are all organized:

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