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Are your photos unorganized? Have you been putting off the dreaded Family Yearbook? This is the course for you! Join me on a 4 step challenge to organize your pictures and catch up on all of your Family Yearbooks! My self-guided video tutorials will guide you through the process with tips on ways to speed up the process and back-up all your family memories. 


Family Yearbook

How to Sort Images for Photo Books

If your photos are organized, then this is the next step in creating your yearbook. If you sort images for photo books it will cut down on tons of time when you make your family yearbook.

I use Adobe Bridge to delete bad photos, duplicates, and cull images for my photo books. Adobe Bridge is a digital asset manager or media manager. It gives you the power to find, manage, and organize images. Plus, Adobe Bridge is not limited to just photos. The best part is that Adobe Bridge also works on both MAC/PC and is FREE!  

While Bridge has tones of excellent features, I am only going to show you the tools that I use to remove bad photos, duplicates, and cull images for my photo books. 

Step One:  Download the program here. 

Step Two: Open Adobe Bridge and Import your Photo Library.

***If you need help organizing your photos and creating a photo library, check out How to Organize Digital Photos or the Family Yearbook Bootcamp

Step Three: Delete bad images and duplicates by selecting them and using the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard.

Step Four: Filter images by 5-star rating, then select all and right-click to custom export. Choose the folder you would like to export to. Make sure you are exporting the highest quality images. The images will be copied to your new location, not moved, so they will stay in your photo library as well.

There you have it!! It is easy to sort images for photo books. Once you have culled your favorite photos for your book, then all you have to do is upload them to your favorite photo book site and get to work. Selecting your images like this will allow you to put your photo book together very quickly!

Another remarkable feature of Adobe Bridge is that it will enable you to pull images into photoshop as well. While there are paid versions of Photoshop, they also offer a free trial! Drop comments or questions below!!

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