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Are your photos unorganized? Have you been putting off the dreaded Family Yearbook? This is the course for you! Join me on a 4 step challenge to organize your pictures and catch up on all of your Family Yearbooks! My self-guided video tutorials will guide you through the process with tips on ways to speed up the process and back-up all your family memories. 


Family Yearbook

How to Edit Images in Lightroom for Family Yearbooks

There are several ways to prepare your images for a family yearbook, but my favorite is to edit images in Lightroom. Lightroom is the same program I use to edit my client photos, so I feel very comfortable using it. I know that Lightroom can be overwhelming for most, but I assure you that by using a few simple steps, you can quickly prepare your images for a photo book.

There is a cost to use Lightroom, but plans start as low as $9.99 a month. If you are interested in downloading it you can do so HERE.  

If you read How to Edit Phone Photos in Lightroom, then you may be able to skip this step because all of your images are edited. If you would rather tackle this on your computer than you are in the right place. Here is exactly how I edit a year worth of photos in lightroom:

1 – Organize your photos by year and month. If you need a step-by-step on how I do this, read How to Organize Digital Photos or consider the Family Yearbook Bootcamp to get organized.

2 – Open Lightroom and import your images from the January folder for the year you are editing.

If you would like to add a preset, you can do this on the right side before you import. The exact preset I use is available in the Family Yearbook Bootcamp along with a video tutorial for how to use it.

3 – In the Library Module, star the images you would like to use in your book. Under each image you will be able to select a star rating, I star all of the images I would like in my book with a 5-star rating.  

4 – In the Develop Module, make adjustments to your images such as exposure and white balance. These are usually the only things I need to adjust on phone photos. I do apply a preset to all of my images on import so that makes most of the adjustments I want automatically. (The preset I use is available to all Family Yearbook Bootcamp members)

5 – Move back to the Library Module and select all of your rated images. In the bottom right corner, select Custom Filter > Rated to see all only your rated images. Then select all and choose File > Export. Select the folder you want to export to, in my case it is My Photos/Photo Library/2019/01-January (if you have followed the Family Yearbook Bootcamp, yours will be very similar). I then have my edited images put in a Subfolder called PhotoBookEdits, and I rename them to 2010-January with a start number of 1. 

6 – Repeat all of the above steps for each month. I edit by month so that I can start and stop between months. 

In six easy steps, this is how to edit images in Lightroom for Family yearbooks. I promise you it is much less intimidating than it seems. Lightroom has so much more to offer, and with practice, you can create amazing images for your family.

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