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Are your photos unorganized? Have you been putting off the dreaded Family Yearbook? This is the course for you! Join me on a 4 step challenge to organize your pictures and catch up on all of your Family Yearbooks! My self-guided video tutorials will guide you through the process with tips on ways to speed up the process and back-up all your family memories. 


Family Yearbook

[Friday Five] Pork + Pants

Happy Friday!! It’s true, that phrase does not pack as much punch as it used to. We found some creative ways to get out of the house this week to save our sanity, but for the most part, I have been at home trying to find creative ways to keep my kids entertained while I work. Stella told me the other night that this pandemic is also making me a better cook. Lol, who knew I was a bad one? I guess maybe now I have more time to put effort into it! So that brings me to the first of five: 

InstaPot Pork Loin

I made this dish before the pandemic started, but it has sort of became our unofficial Sunday dinner. It is easy to make and takes very little time, so when we are rushing in from the outside to take baths and eat, I can just set it and forget, it while I get everyone cleaned up. I linked the InstaPot I have above, but any will do. Here are the steps: 

  1. I buy THIS Pork Loin so that I don’t have to mess with marinading it and set the InstaPot to Saute. Add a little olive oil and brown the Pork Loin until golden brown on all sides.
  2. Add 1 cup of Chicken Stock (or water if you don’t have stock) and place the lid on your InstaPot. Set the manual time to 10 mins and move your valve to seal. 
  3. When done, take the Pork Loin out to rest and set your InstaPot to Saute. Then I mix 2 tbs of cornstarch and 2 tbs of cold water. Slowly pour the mixture into the InstaPot while stirring to thicken the gravy.
  4. That’s it! I slice the pork and usually serve with mashed potatoes and a veggie! (If you want to make it effortless use Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes and a bag of frozen broccoli…lol)

Kodiak Cakes – Muffin Mix

My kids love making these Muffins. I cannot find them in York, so I order them on Amazon (link above). I feel better about the ingredients, and it is an excellent activity to kill time! Stella can pretty much make them herself with little help from me! 

Core 10 – High Waist Yoga Pants

I wear Yoga Pants 80% of my life, so I have tried them all. I have these in a few colors, and I find myself reaching for them more than my expensive ones! I like how they fit, and they are so buttery soft. Plus, they are affordable!  

Medallion Loomed Rug

I just bought this beauty for the studio, and I love it!! If you are in the market for a cream and blush rug, go check this one out! I put it in the studio entry this week, and it made my day!  

Mother’s Day

I know that Mother’s day will look different this year so here are a few photo gift ideas that you can find on almost any photo site: 

  1. Calendar – The O’Hare’s make these, and it is so fun to see who is on each month. You can start them at any month you want.  (I love these)
  2. Christmas Ornaments – I know this is weird timing, but if you have not started this tradition, now is a great time to start. Order one for every year of your child’s life to give to Grandma. (I love these)
  3. Photo Book – Create a photo book of all the memories you made with Grandma in 2019!  (I love these)

Well, did it work? Have I brightened your day just a little? I sure hope so! We are playing with our playdough kits this morning and have a little homeschooling to catch up on this afternoon. I hope the end of this week brings you happiness and health. Hang in there!  

PS. If you are homeschooling, you are awesome! Send me all your tricks on how to keep your kids focused!!     

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