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What is a Remote Photo Organization?

I have gotten tons of questions about what a Remote Photo Organization session is precisely, so here are your questions answered all in one place! I realize it can be extremely uncomfortable to hand over access to your computer, so hopefully, this will ease your mind! Also, if you get to the end and still […]

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Remote Photo Organization

Photo Organization

How to Edit Images in Lightroom for Family Yearbooks

There are several ways to prepare your images for a family yearbook, but my favorite is to edit images in Lightroom. Lightroom is the same program I use to edit my client photos, so I feel very comfortable using it. I know that Lightroom can be overwhelming for most, but I assure you that by […]

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[Friday Five] Pork + Pants

Happy Friday!! It’s true, that phrase does not pack as much punch as it used to. We found some creative ways to get out of the house this week to save our sanity, but for the most part, I have been at home trying to find creative ways to keep my kids entertained while I […]

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Photo Gift Ideas

Friday Five

The Best iPhone Camera Tricks

Have you ever changed your iPhone camera settings? My guess is no. Most of us get our phones out of a brand new iPhone box, open the camera app, and start taking pictures of our family. The truth is, there are a few settings that need to be tweaked. Over the years, there are several […]

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Best iPhone Camera Tricks


[Friday Five] Clean up Duplicates + Healthy Skin

It’s the end of another week in quarantine. That means another week of homeschooling. Another week of to-do lists unaccomplished. And another week of a messy house. And a week to clean up duplicates.   Anyone with me??  To lift my spirits, I decided this week to try something new. Welcome to the Friday Five! […]

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Clean up Duplicates

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How to Sort Images for Photo Books

If your photos are organized, then this is the next step in creating your yearbook. If you sort images for photo books it will cut down on tons of time when you make your family yearbook. I use Adobe Bridge to delete bad photos, duplicates, and cull images for my photo books. Adobe Bridge is […]

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How to Edit Phone Photos in Lightroom

There are several ways that you can edit your photos on your phone, but Lightroom mobile is the most comprehensive. It is the same software I use to edit my client photos all in the palm of your hand. The best part? It is FREE to use the mobile version! There are several features that […]

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How to Edit Phone Photos in Lightroom

Featured, Phone Tips

How to Organize Phone Photos

It is no secret that we all get a little snap happy when we take photos on our phones. The truth is that we don’t need to keep all of the images that we make. To help you feel less overwhelmed when it comes time to organize all of your photos, I have put together […]

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How to organize phone photos

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How to Backup your Digital Photos

Are you wondering how to Backup your Digital Photos? Everyone knows that you should be backing up your images to ensure they are secure, but it can be challenging to understand how to back them up. You likely have some portion of your photos backed up but may not have them organized or even know […]

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The Best Family Yearbooks

When I make my family yearbooks, I always shop around and look at all the options. I wish that, in the beginning, I would have done more research so that all of my books matched in size and paper. Our early books are different than our most recent books, and I love the new books […]

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The Best Family Yearbooks

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