I am so glad you are here.

It makes my day that you landed here in my little corner of the Internet!

I am a Photographer who loves creating pretty pictures, digital marketing, and organizing everything. I am also a wife and mom of two tiny humans living in small town Nebraska. I have been growing a photography business since 2016 and after years of getting questions from my photography clients about how to save/organize photos, I knew that I needed to help more people. 

Ya wanna know what lights me up? I love making people feel, own, and celebrate their awesome-ness through photography and family heirlooms! The best way to create printable photos is by having them organized, backed up and easy to access. 

How did I get here? 
I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and worked in the marketing industry for over 10 years. During that time, I used my skills as a photographer as well as graphic design, videography, and web/social media marketing.  Once I left my corporate job to pursue photography there were tons of things I had to teach myself.  I did that by learning from others through online courses.   

Once I discovered that I could also create an online courses for you, I was all over it!  So here we are!

I want you to have beautiful heirlooms, too!

The opportunity is here…the time has never been better. You just need to grab it.

I’m so ready to help you get there.

No matter how you got here, thank you. Thank you for supporting me with your readership, clicks, engagement, and feedback. Whether it’s every day, once a week, once a month – it means a lot. I work so hard on this corner of the internet I’ve created. So thanks for stopping by and making my dreams come true. If you aren't yet following me on social media you can do so below.

I just have to say,

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My experience with Free Spirit was so amazing, I want to do another shoot with them!

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Are you wondering about my Photography Business?  You can see more of my work at oharephotos.com or here is a collection of some of my favorite images.


favorite images

just a few of my

"A thing you will see in my photographs is that I wasn't afraid to fall in love with these people." -Annie Leibovits